Solovair Belt Black Hi-Shine

$70.00 Incl. GST

Elevate your wardrobe with the Solovair leather belt- a perfect blend of durability and sophistication. Crafted from premium leather, this belt ensures your pants stay up while you stand out! Whether for work or casual wear, the Solovair belt is the ultimate accessory for those who value quality and style.

  • Hi-Shine Leather
  • Embossed NPS Solovair Branding

Size Guide
Small 71cm-81cm  (28″- 32″)
Medium 76cm-86cm  (30″- 34″)
Large 81cm-91cm (32″- 36″)
Extra Large 86cm-96cm (34″- 38″)

  • Leather: Hi-Shine
  • Brand: Solovair
  • Style Code: Belt-BK

Made from Hi-Shine Leather, this Leather Belt is a functional yet practical accessory and gift.

Embarking on a legacy that spans over a century, Downes Shoes stands as a pinnacle of expertise in specialized retail and repair. With an unparalleled commitment to quality craftsmanship, we’ve proudly expanded our offerings to include Solovair Made in England boots, shoes and accessories. For generations, we’ve been the trusted destination for those seeking iconic footwear, combining our century-old heritage with the finest selected leatherwear, ensuring every step echoes timeless durability and unmistakable style.

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post quality footwear to you.  If you like this thing and you want it in your life, add it to your cart and we will have them specially delivered to your door.

When you order with us, we check the actual stock style. We open the box to ensure that the shoes are perfect and no surface scratches or inconsistencies wrong sizes appear etc… It happens! We personally and carefully check that your new shoes are 100% perfect, because quality and service are MOST important to us.

If you have ANY questions about our styles, or have any confusion over sizing, let us know. If you are looking for something you cannot see, get in touch with us! We’d love to chat on the phone or send us an email using our contact page.




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