Junior 1461 AKA Everley 3 Eyelet Black Shoe

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The shoe formally known as Everley

Smart and practical lace-up shoes Everley is ideal for all day comfortable wear. A structured and sturdy design, these shoes are crafted from durable soft leather giving support and comfort to little feet. The Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole is flexible yet hard wearing, offering great slip resistant tread whether running, skipping, climbing, or sitting in class being good and listening to teacher!

  • Leather: Softy T
  • Brand: Dr. Martens
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Junior 1461 AKA Everley 3 Eyelet Black Shoe

  • Durability and style are perfectly combined
  • Three-eyelet lace-up shoe.
  • Softy T full grain leather upper.
  • Cushioned textile footbed for added comfort.
  • Sole is cemented to the upper for greater flexibility.
  • Air-cushioned outsole provides superb comfort and support for all-day wear.

These classic kids lace up shoe takes the coolness that Dr Martens so excellently produce, and mix it with softy T leathers, for younger softer skin, yet retain the banner of being some of the hardest wearing kids shoes around. It’s no wonder with these great qualities and materials that these shoes not only keep the kids happy but the parents too!

The Dr. Martens kids range retains the classic attributes of the original and well-known brand silhouettes, simply presented in miniature versions. This allows those long standing Dr. Martens fans to give their own children the very same sense of attitude, rebellion and style with their footwear choice. This  shoe features lightweight, full-grain leather uppers, with a soft feel with the sole cemented to the upper for endurance and also has the classic Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole which offers good abrasion and slip resistance.

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