Downes Shoes Gift Voucher

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Docs (Dr Martens) are more than just shoes; they’re friends for your feet, they’ll walk you safely through your daily now and into your fabulous future with SOLES BOUNCING!!

We are currently working on having Gift Vouchers available to purchase here on the Website.. in the meantime, please email or call us! We can organise a Voucher for any amount and have it to you inbox super quick.  

Vouchers can also be purchased in store, we’d love to see you!

  • Brand: Dr. Martens, Stance
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Downes Shoes Gift Voucher

Why buy Docs for your loved one, why does everyone want a pair, what’s the big deal anyway?

Dr Martens are more than a product, they are a life choice. They are an investment in Tradition, Quality, Durability, Sensibility.  With Dr Martens YOU are choosing to avoid excessive landfills of cheap Vinyl fall apart shoes, you are choosing to stand for something better, something good for you/your loved one, something Chiropractic/Podiatry approved… Something that can make you/loved ones feel strong and secure, unique and capable, braced for life, basically; kick ass!

Symbolically this makes DOCS an excellent gift!

Tautology alert!! – There is something truly beautiful in gifting your loved one the shoes/boots that will safely walk them through their future adventures!

Docs are a very practical, fun, and unique gift that can be enjoyed every day for many moons!

Docs are eternally COOL for all ages!   0 – 90!! Truely!!

Why choose Downes Shoes for your Gift Purchases?


2.We have on offer the most comprehensive physical (walk in touch feel) range of UNIQUE STYLES in the Southern Hemisphere!

3.We stock Small, Medium & Large sizes!  Women’s 5 to 11 & Men’s 6 – 15  (UK 3-15)

4.We LOVE unique Docs – Specialist & Limited Edition Ranges

5.We Stock the full Range of Everyday Rocking Work/Fun Doc Styles in a range of leathers!

6.We make your Doc Day – A Happy Doc Day – We actually have a small party with you – with Poppers!

7.We post shoes/boots/vouchers the same day as you pay, no waiting for mail runs, sectional staff or warehouse BS – Stock is downstairs & we check the actual stock style & Size is in store before you book and pay, we also open the box to ensure that the shoes are perfect and no surface scratches or inconsistencies wrong sizes appear etc… It happens!  SO NO WAITING FOR A MONTH TO FIND OUT THAT YOUR ORDER IS REFUNDED / OUT OF STOCK / or upon receiving the shoes to find out at the last minute that the wrong size was in the box from the factory!

8.We are terribly good at last minute Doc Gifts… Shhh!!!

9.We still want to be friends in the morning, next month, next year… Our After Sales Service Rocks! AND we exchange for incorrect size/style!!

10.We Update the website daily (in-house by us) So there’s no old news here – we are as well oiled as a fresh pair of 1460 Crazy Horse Oil Skin Boots and run as seamlessly as a side of Dr Martens Smooth finished leather, yet feel as familiar and comfortable as your favourite pair of Docs!!

11.WE ARE YES PEOPLE… We are an all in one 5 person team that never misses a beat! We are passionate about your Doc Gifting – Fitting – Wearing Success!!

12.We are Tradition = Docs are Tradition > Don’t sell yourself short buying from Johnny Come lately/s that don’t understand leather care or appreciate getting your perfect Doc fit, or misunderstand service; we have FREE services, stretching, oiling etc!

13.Most of us absolutely love to receive DOCS as gifts, and at Downes we love to make that easy and fun!  How do we do that?  With Extreme Stealth!  We can process Gift Vouchers via telephone, and/or email, post, or courier Gift Vouchers

14.You can try on as many pairs as you like, we have shoe parties & professionally fit you in your favourite choices, we also have gift vouchers, available in-store or via post/email for the super sleuths!

15. At Downes we prefer to meet new friends in a fun and pressure free environment where we know everyone cares about us and our uniqueness’… SO that’s what we create for you! YES we are here for you to make this moment perfect; we are without doubt retailers with HEART AND SOUL and 100 years experience!!

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post all Dr Martens things to your town and state, so if you like the somethings that we stand for, we’d love to assist you in having them specially delivered to your door! Just give us a call or just pop us an email from our contact page to tell us what you love!