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Persephone 6 Eyelet Heeled Aunt Sally Boot


In bold black leather they’re instant statement-makers- with heavily grooved air-cushioned soles, yellow stitching and a high heel. The padded collar is proven to add attitude to any look.


Dr. Martens
Color: Black
Sizes: UK 4,UK 7,UK 8,
Leather Type: Aunt Sally
Features: Padded collar & Seirene heel
Style Code: 22409001
CALL 07 3252 2521


Persephone 6 Eyelet Heeled Aunt Sally Boot

The 6-eye Persephone boot is part of the Seirene collection.

  • 6 eye heeled boot with padded collar
  • Aunt Sally Leather; A soft, premium leather with a slight pebble texture.
  • A chunky sole that is also non slip’

Looking for more Doc heels? Check out the Averil Black Sendal and the Averil Cherry Arcadia coming December 2018.

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post all Dr Martens things to your town and state, so if you like the somethings that we stand for, we’d love to assist you in having them specially delivered to your door! Just give us a call or just pop us an email from our contact page to tell us what you love!

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