65 cm Lace black

Dr Martens Lace 65cm for 3 Eye


The Real Deal, Dr Martens Laces – keeping your  Authentic Docs original!!

Dr. Martens
Color: Black, Brown, Yellow
Sizes: 65cm
Leather Type: NA
Features: Genuine Dr Martens Laces
Style Code: shoe lace dr martens
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Dr Martens Lace 65cm for 3 Eye

Want to make your old favourites feel fresh, look different and unique again?  Or do you wish to make your newest pair stand out from the crowd even more? Why not stick some new laces in their eyes!

  • Black Round SKU: AC035001
  • Brown Round SKU: AC036001
  • Black Flat SKU: AC498001

65 cm laces will fit any 3 eye shoe.


  • 65 cm – 3 eyelets
  • 90 cm – 4 – 5 eyelets
  • 120 cm – 6 eyelets
  • 140 cm-  8 – 10 eyelets
  • 210 cm – 14 eyelets
  • 240 cm – 20 eyelets

They are Dr Martens Authentic Laces!!

The Real Deal, Dr Martens Laces – keeping your  Authentic Docs original!!

Please Note -The laces in your old boots or shoes would have most definitely stretched with use; and also different lacing styles require more or less length, feel free to contact us for more information on your shoe, boot, or lace requirements, we love to help.

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post all Dr Martens things to your town and state, so if you like  somethings that we stand for, we’d love to assist you in having them specially delivered to your door! Just give us a call or just pop us an email from our contact page to tell us what you love!


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