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2228 PW Chelsea Steel Toe Black Safety Boot


Dr. Martens 2228 Chelsea boot is a classic pull-on safety boot made with industrial strength leather uppers, welted on the classic commando tread, air-cushioned PVC sole unit providing reliable, durable protection. This plain black welt version is perfect for uniform needs.

Dr. Martens
Color: Black
Sizes: UK 10,UK 11,UK 12,UK 13,UK 6,UK 6.5,UK 7,UK 8,UK 9,UK 9.5,
Leather Type: Fine Haircell
Features: Steel Toe Safety
Style Code: 10289001
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2228 PW Chelsea Steel Toe Black Safety Boot

This is a Dr Martens Light Industry boot. Made for men and women and engineered for the modern workplace to provide all day protection and comfort.

BREATHABLE; Materials used allow the passage of air and moisture, which enable the wearers feet to breathe.
SLIP-RESISTANT SOLE: Reduces the risk of slips and falls on hazardous surfaces.
SAFETY TOECAP: Toe cap offers protection from a minimum 200 J impact and 15kN compression force.

Slip resistant rating: S1

  • Meets minimum requirement on ceramic tile with sodium lauryl sulphate solution.
  • Toe protection tested with 200J impact and 15kN compression force (includes fuel and oil-resistant outsoles).
  • Energy absorption of the seat region: Energy absorbed to be ≥20J


  • Fine Haircell is a firm leather with a fine print giving it a natural grain finish