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1919 Steel Toe Boot


Inspired by Dr Martens industrial work boots, this steel-toe boot by Dr. Martens carries all of the attitude, without the additional specifications required for heavy work…

In other words - (THIS IS NOT A SAFETY STEEL CAP) but if your life leads you into sharp and/or dangerous areas, the Dr Martens 1919 boot will enclose your toes with steel and protect them from your life… But you cannot wear them for work if your employer/industry demands an Australian and New Zealand Safety Standard AS/NZS2210.3 (or any safety rating AU/NZ).

We have sold out of this style.. check out the 8761 BXB for more non safety steel toe amazingness

OR we have a range of Industrial Safety Boots here

Dr. Martens
Color: Black
Sizes: Sold Out :(
Leather Type: Fine Haircell
Features: Non Safety - Steel Toe
Style Code: 10105001
CALL 07 32522521


1919 Steel Toe boot

Considered by many to be the purist punk’s choice of height, the 10-Eye has a slender calf which serves to exaggerate and kick out the more bulbous shaped cut of the steel toe. The classic Bovver Boot Look!!

Features the original Dr. Martens air-cushioned sole, providing underfoot comfort and durability since 1960. It is oil and fat-resistant, tough, and offers good abrasion and slip resistance. This is a Goodyear-welted product. The upper and sole are sewn together, not merely glued, like many footwear constructions. This, together with the Z welt-stitch and heat-sealing process, makes it unique to Dr. Martens.

Dr. Martens air-cushion sole, oil and fat-resistant, offers good abrasion and slip resistance AND this can get you tax deductions (in Australia) if you work in a high slip area…

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post all Dr Martens things to your town and state, so if you like the somethings that we stand for, we’d love to assist you in having them specially delivered to your door! Just give us a call or just pop us an email from our contact page to tell us what you love!

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