Dr Martens 1460 cherry outside 2 (1024x683)Dr Martens 1460 cherry black 3 (1024x683)Dr Martens 1460 cherry close (1024x683)Dr Martens 1460 cherry inside (1024x683)Dr Martens 1460 cherry ribbon laces (1024x683)Ruby Rishaan 1460 black cherry smooth (1024x683)We recommend Dr Martens Wonder Balsam for this style. It cleans and protects the leather, keeping it soft and supple. 

Wonder Balsam is made from a natural blend of coconut oil, lanolin, and beeswax.oakwood conditioner tube logo (1024x855)

1460 Cherry Smooth 8 Eye Boot


1460 Cherry Smooth 8 Eye Boot Dr Martens boots and shoes are icons, recognized worldwide for their uncompromising looks, durability and comfort. These styles embody all that is true and unique to Dr. Martens.

  • Half sizes available – we try to have all sizes… all the time
  • Smooth is the classic Dr. Martens leather; durable, with a smooth finish
  • Dr. Martens air-cushion sole, oil and fat-resistant, offers good abrasion and slip resistance
  • Goodyear welted, the upper and sole are stitched and heat-sealed together
Dr. Martens
Color: Cherry
Sizes: UK 3 - UK 15 including half sizes
Leather Type: Smooth
Features: Goodyear Z welted
Style Code: 11822600
CALL 07 32522521


Dr Martens 1460 cherry black 2 (1024x684)

Dr Martens 1460 Cherry Smooth & Black Smooth

1460 Cherry Smooth 8 Eye Boot

Dr Martens Boots and shoes have been intrinsically linked with quality cool since they were first imagined in Munich post WW2 by Dr Klaus Dr Maertens and Dr Funck, (the German Doc and the Polish Podiatrist)… To say that it was a unique and groundbreaking design is an understatement. In fact after being rejected by other boot makers as weird, but championed by the forward-thinking Griggs Family Shoe Company, They have rocked the world endlessly ever since; famously being the ‘first and forever’ choice of footwear for decade after decade of youth subculture.

Hence in 2017 the sheer breadth of humans who wear Docs, 55+ years on, is endless. From 1- 98 year olds; Punks, Prison Wardens, Cops, Priests, Preppy princes and princesses making their first marks on the world at large, Tots, Teens, Students/Lecturers, art teachers, literature & music teachers, Students, Chefs, Waitpersons, Cleaners, Health professionals, Buddists, Christians, Mormans, Muslims, Jehovas Witness’, Anarchists, Atheists, Lawyers, Bus Drivers, you name it, if you look closely at the person smiling at you as you go about your day, chances are, they’re wearing Docs, the comfortable footwear for free people…

Dr Martens are as awesome and unique as you are.

*Note to all good people reading this… While we aren’t rich enough to open shops in every town and state, we do LOVE to post all Dr Martens things to your town and state, so if you like the somethings that we stand for, we’d love to assist you in having them specially delivered to your door! Just give us a call or just pop us an email from our contact page to tell us what you love!

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