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Dr. Martens

1460 Butterscotch Orleans 8 Eye Boot


Orleans is a new leather for Docs, it’s lightly textured, soft and waxy. It will feel worn in right away and will age beautifully.

Returning May 2018! Call or email our friendly staff to pre-order your size!


Dr. Martens
Color: Butterscotch
Sizes: Sold Out :(
Leather Type: Orleans
Features: Air Cushioned Sole
Style Code: 22828243
CALL 07 3252 2521


1460 Butterscotch Orleans 8 Eye Boot

The 1460 is the original Dr. Martens boot. Its instantly recognizable DNA looks like this: 8 eyes, grooved sides, a heel-loop, yellow stitching, and a comfortable, air-cushioned sole. Built to last, this unisex boot is made using one of the finest methods of construction: the Goodyear Welt — which means the upper and sole are sewn together in our heat-sealed z-welt stitch. The boot sits on the iconic AirWair™ sole, which is oil and fat resistant with good abrasion and slip resistance.

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